Class DWT

  • public class DWT
    extends Object
    Class to handle Discrete Wavelet Transforms (DWT).

    This class is conversion of C to Java for the file "dwt.c" file provided by Peter Meerwald at:

    Refer to his thesis on watermarking: Peter Meerwald, Digital Image Watermarking in the Wavelet Transfer Domain, Master's Thesis, Department of Scientific Computing, University of Salzburg, Austria, January 2001.

    • Constructor Detail

      • DWT

        public DWT​(int cols,
                   int rows,
                   int filterID,
                   int level,
                   int method)
        Default constructor
        cols - Image width
        rows - Image height
        filterID - Filter ID to use
        level - Decomposition level
        method - Wavelet filtering method
    • Method Detail

      • forwardDWT

        public ImageTree forwardDWT​(int[][] pixels)
        Method to perform forward DWT on the pixel data
        pixels - Image pixel data
        Image tree data after DWT
      • inverseDWT

        public void inverseDWT​(ImageTree dwts,
                               int[][] pixels)
        Method to perform inverse DWT to get back the pixel data
        dwts - DWT data as image tree
        pixels - Image pixel data